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We received a special invitation to join Ben at his chef’s table, poised to craft captivating content in a rustic setting.

Maison, a charming family-run restaurant accommodating up to 16 diners each evening, resembles an intimate dinner party set within a magnificent 15th-century home.

Embracing a unique no-menu concept, our mission was to unveil the enchanting essence and culinary delights awaiting guests in this extraordinary setting.

  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Drone Capture
  •  2 x instagram Reels
    3 x Tik Tok trend style videos
  • Bank of Video Clips for Tik Tok
  • Stylised photography of people behind Maison and the ever-changing menu tailored for longevity, ensuring a bank of diverse images for posting over a long timeframe

Instagram Reels

Tik Tok Videos

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